Victor Cheng

Victor is an inventor, investor, developer, technology entrepreneur, stock trader, and venture capitalist. He has had the phenomenal experience of running multiple startups from a YouTube channel with millions of views (Winbrothers) to scaling international companies here in the U.S. (Spark-starter) to connecting high schoolers with college students from prestigious colleges (Froshmate). While working on his startups, he also invests in his free time whether its in early-stage startups or in public companies. Endowed with a strong passion for discovering interesting companies, whether it be through referrals, annual reports, or at events, Victor has established a credible and disciplined reputation as an investor. He manages over $200,000 and guarantees a 5% monthly interest rate.

Additionally, he enjoys building cool projects during his free time to help him "hack his daily chores". One example is Radarvc, a bot he built that self-discovers new and interesting companies for him to potentially invest in ( Outside of his own endeavors, he also works as an analyst at Altos Ventures, an early-stage Venture Capital firm on Sand Hill Road managing over $100 million in funds.

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