We believe in the Millennials and Post-Millennials who are working hard each day to make a difference in the world. All of these young people have the extraordinary capacity to become pioneers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Each of them has a story to tell and knowledge to share. It is our mission to help them share their journeys with the rest of the world.


Maater•Makers was created with the sole purpose of helping STEAM innovators share their work and stories via a YouTube platform and further market their achievements. As the world of entertainment is continually shifting its focus to content generated by Millennials and Post-Millennials, we want to make sure that this generation is able to tell their story with their own voice and financially support their dreams.

We offer to:

  • Create a Mission Statement for You & Your Passions
  • Set Goals & Deadlines for Projects to Show Actionable Results
  • Build a Promotion & Content Strategy for Your Videos & Social Networks
  • Match You With Established & Up-And-Coming Brands
  • Help You Monetize Through Brand Partnerships And Advertising
  • Assist in Producing Original Content


Mission Statements

We will collaborate with you in order to help you create a mission statement explaining the project you are working on. What do you want to create? Why do you want to create it? Who do you want it to impact?

Goal Setting

We will work together to create a goal-setting calendar to help keep you accountable. We will work with you to achieve these goals by matching you with the right people to assist you throughout the development of your project.

Resource Development

We know that the lack of available resources can often become the barrier to an exciting project. This is why we help you determine an action plan, as well as connect you to potential sponsors and investors.

Promotion & Press

We will oversee all promotional aspects for your project and make sure that people are hearing about it.

Marketing & Content Strategy

We will assist you in the development of a marketing and content plan so that you can successfully continue to engage with your existing customers

Personal Brand Development

As a creator, you are truly special and we want to help show it. We will help you to develop a personal brand and create a strategy for making you a thought leader within your industry.

Personal Brand Assets

While social media is a great asset for self-promotion, keeping up with it can be extremely time consuming. In certain cases, we will consult with you to help you manage all these accounts in order to keep your followers in the loop.




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